About us

We are a team of specialists in the field of Arduino, IoT, drone engineering, Board design and consulting companies.
What do we have?


We approach all work not only professionally, but creatively.


Our team has extensive experience in programming and SOFTWARE development.


We have a deep knowledge of physics and electronics.

Our products

Power Module
This module is designed for charging the drone.
It was created specifically for the task when the drone autonomously sits on a charging station.
When the drone connector is connected to the station, the voltage is applied to the module contacts. The module reads the voltage and selects which output contacts to apply a certain voltage to.

Cost price: ~150$
Board: Arduino Micro
Firmware: C++
AI technology: Yes
Bicicle Computer
Development of smart watches. Later, the idea developed into a Bicycle computer.
This Board has built-in: real-time clock, touch control, navigation components, vibration motor, laser, infrared led, battery charge reading and additional connectors for connecting peripherals via SPI, I2C, UART protocols.

Cost: ~$50
USB Support: Yes
Firmware: C++

Our services

Help with purchase

We help you prepare for assembly, purchase components and find suppliers.

Drone Analysis

We analyze the drone and advise on an assembly.

Designing boards

Development of two-layer boards to order. You can also order a printing.

Drone Software

Development of software for the drone, such as navigation, computer vision, autopilot, ecosystem, SDK, and operating systems.

The design of the drone

Drone design and assembly

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About app

Our application is an interactive platform for modeling and designing drones in 3D


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